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What is SignalServer ?

SignalServer is a simulation that can provide insight into geographical coverage of a transmitting system. It is used by RF engineers, ham radio operators, mobile communications engineers, and others to help determine placement and effectiveness of antenna structures and repeaters. Please see this link for more information.

What Can SignalServer Do ?

This website provides

Using SignalServer with Google Earth

For plots for which it is appropriate, this WebSite provides downloadable "KMZ" files which are compatible with Google Earth and other mapping software. You can visit Google Earth on the web, or download Google Earth directly on your computer. Don't forget to learn to use the "opacity" control in Google Earth in either event.

KMZ files can optionally include locations of previous users of the website. This can be very useful for building a zoomable "ham map" of the vicinity of your QTH.

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last modified February 4, 2022