Version: Signal Server 3.21 (Built for 100 DEM tiles at 1200 pixels)
License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2

Radio propagation simulator by Alex Farrant QCVS, 2E0TDW
Based upon SPLAT! by John Magliacane, KD2BD
Some feature enhancements/additions by Aaron A. Collins, N9OZB

Usage: signalserver [data options] [input options] [antenna options] [output options] -o outputfile

     -sdf Directory containing SRTM derived .sdf DEM tiles (may be .gz or .bz2)
     -lid ASCII grid tile (LIDAR) with dimensions and resolution defined in header
     -udt User defined point clutter as decimal co-ordinates: 'latitude,longitude,height'
     -clt MODIS 17-class wide area clutter in ASCII grid format
     -color File to pre-load .scf/.lcf/.dcf for Signal/Loss/dBm color palette
     -lat Tx Latitude (decimal degrees) -70/+70
     -lon Tx Longitude (decimal degrees) -180/+180
     -rla (Optional) Rx Latitude for PPA (decimal degrees) -70/+70
     -rlo (Optional) Rx Longitude for PPA (decimal degrees) -180/+180
     -f Tx Frequency (MHz) 20MHz to 100GHz (LOS after 20GHz)
     -erp Tx Total Effective Radiated Power in Watts (dBd) inc Tx+Rx gain. 2.14dBi = 0dBd
     -gc Random ground clutter (feet/meters)
     -m Metric units of measurement
     -te Terrain code 1-6 (optional - 1. Water, 2. Marsh, 3. Farmland,
          4. Mountain, 5. Desert, 6. Urban
     -terdic Terrain dielectric value 2-80 (optional)
     -tercon Terrain conductivity 0.01-0.0001 (optional)
     -cl Climate code 1-7 (optional - 1. Equatorial 2. Continental subtropical
          3. Maritime subtropical 4. Desert 5. Continental temperate
          6. Maritime temperate (Land) 7. Maritime temperate (Sea)
     -rel Reliability for ITM model (% of 'time') 1 to 99 (optional, default 50%)
     -conf Confidence for ITM model (% of 'situations') 1 to 99 (optional, default 50%)
     -resample Reduce Lidar resolution by specified factor (2 = 50%)
     -o basename (Output file basename - required)
     -dbm Plot Rxd signal power instead of field strength in dBuV/m
     -rt Rx Threshold (dB / dBm / dBuV/m)
     -R Radius (miles/kilometers)
     -res Pixels per tile. 300/600/1200/3600 (Optional. LIDAR res is within the tile)
     -pm Propagation model. 1: ITM, 2: LOS, 3: Hata, 4: ECC33,
          5: SUI, 6: COST-Hata, 7: FSPL, 8: ITWOM, 9: Ericsson,
          10: Plane earth, 11: Egli VHF/UHF, 12: Soil
     -pe Propagation model mode: 1=Urban,2=Suburban,3=Rural
     -ked Knife edge diffraction (Already on for ITM)
     -ant (antenna pattern file basename+path for .az and .el files)
     -txh Tx Height (above ground)
     -rxh Rx Height(s) (optional. Default=0.1)
     -rxg Rx gain dBd (optional for PPA text report)
     -hp Horizontal Polarisation (default=vertical)
     -rot  (  0.0 - 359.0 degrees, default 0.0) Antenna Pattern Rotation
     -dt   ( -10.0 - 90.0 degrees, default 0.0) Antenna Downtilt
     -dtdir ( 0.0 - 359.0 degrees, default 0.0) Antenna Downtilt Direction
     -t Terrain greyscale background
     -dbg Verbose debug messages
     -ng Normalise Path Profile graph
     -haf Halve 1 or 2 (optional)
     -nothreads Turn off threaded processing